About Us

As two teenaged skiers straight out of Minnesota, Ben and Sam were looking for clothing that expressed each of their styles and showed off the pride they possessed for their sport. While many companies achieve one of these characteristics, few succeeded in both fields. Unfortunately for their pocket books, those that did succeed required a cruel amount of currency, thus making such an investment a rare one. They were having trouble finding a balance.

So the two asked each other, “Why can’t we form that company?” and the idea became very real. They knew what people like them wanted to wear, what they wanted to pay, and, most importantly, how they wanted to show off their skier pride.

In 2009 Ben and Sam became co-founders of the newly born clothing company, Affinity Ski Wear. With their stylish street wear and the support of all who call themselves midwest skiers, Affinity Ski Wear has made a grand entrance into the skiing industry.

Why Affinity

The question has been asked many times. An affinity is a strong bond or connection between people, objects, or ideas. One of our main goals is to show off our pride as skiers; our affinity for the sport we call skiing. We want to shout it to the world, and now not only have we done that, but we’re wearing it on our chests for all those who can't hear.